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Stoody HB-64 was specifically designed for crack free hardbanding. This specially formulated wear resistant alloy produces a uniform distribution of small primary metal carbides in a martensitic matrix. HB-64 is a very casing friendly hardbanding material due to the weld deposit's low coefficient of friction as well as having excellent resistance to impact and plastic deformation. 

HB-64 is characterized by a high hardness (typically 64 RC) and excellent wear resistance which is needed for open hole drillings.

The deposits are crack free when applied over new or properly rebuilt tool joints using appropriate preheats. 

HB-64 may not remain crack free if applied over previously cracked, improperly cleaned or high boron containing hardbanding. Existing hardbanding of unknown composition should be removed and cleaned prior to applying HB-64 if a crack free deposit is desired. HB-64 offers improved weldability over many other hardbanding welding wires.

Данные наплавки

Ток 200-420 A
Коэфф. наплавки 12 lb/h
Коэфф. наплавки 5.4 kg/h
Диаметр 1/16 in.
Диаметр 1.6 mm
КПД, % 97 %
Защитный газ 98% Ar - 2% O2 or 75% Ar - 25% CO2
Расст. между наконечником и заготовкой 1/2-5/8 in.
Расст. между наконечником и заготовкой 13-16 mm
В 27-31 V
Как купить
г. Уфа, ул. Трамвайная, д.2, корп.6, оф.9
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